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"I am writing to say how grateful we are for the work you have done for W.L. He has improved so much during the year and your contribution has been part of that success. We really appreciate the way you help him and the thorough reports you provide for each session. We find you understand him and his problems well and the method you use just spot on. W.L likes you a lot. He thinks it is fun to have you helping him and enjoys your sessions very much."

Mum of a 7 year old diagnosed with Autism

"We just want to thank you for all the help you have given Jack over the years. Thanks to you his speech has improved a lot. We wish you all the best and will miss you!"

Mum of a son with speech delay

"My son Lucas has been having Speech pathology since April with Rebekah, I am thrilled with the progress she had made with him and how quickly his speech has been corrected. She always has activities that keep him interested throughout the whole session. Well done Rebekah you come highly recommended."

Mum of a 5 year old with a speech delay

"I have a six year old son Callum who has been attending speech therapy with Rebekah at Designed 2 Shine Speech Pathology for over one year now. Within that time Callum has learnt how to extend friendships, and extend conversations. Callum was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and has benefited from Rebekah's sessions tremendously. He is calmer and is able to think his conversation through and understand conversations, and is starting to engage in conversations with other children to make friends. We couldn't be happier. The other bonus is Rebekah can do speech therapy in our home! I highly recommend Designed 2 Shine Speech Pathology, and wish Rebekah great success"

Mum of a 6 year old with high functioning autism

"We will certainly miss you and your professionalism. Sam has taken a real shine to you and his speech has improved 100% to when he started seeing you. We wish you all the very best! "

Mum of a son with a speech delay

"My son who is 4 years old has been attending Speech and Language Therapy with Rebekah for one and a half years. I have found Rebekah to have a very good work ethic and is very professional when communicating with myself and working with my son throughout the session. Rebekah always explains any new information and ensures that I have a clear understanding so that I can follow through with it at home. Rebekah will also write down anything that I need to do at home and also gives out activity sheets that I can use at home in between sessions.

"Rebekah has a range of activities/games that she uses throughout the session and allows my child to choose what he would like to do. When he has gone through the words he is then rewarded with a piece of the game i.e. He is given a piece of puzzle to insert. Rebekah always gives lots of praise and encouragement. If he hasn’t yet grasped the word or sound Rebekah always reinforces that he tried and goes back over this in the next session.

"Rebekah has a very good rapport with my son and he listens and follows her instructions. If my son is starting to lose concentration she is able to get him to refocus. I have found that Rebekah always chooses activities for the session which are age appropriate and suitable to my sons needs. She is aware of his abilities and always challenges him, but she is still mindful of going at a slower pace to ensure that he has completely grasped the concept before moving onto something else.

"I like the way that Rebekah encourages him to pronounce a word three times in a row if he is having difficulty and also getting him to listen to a word for him to distinguish if they are pronounced correctly or incorrectly.

"I am very happy with the progress of my son and believe that Rebekah has done a fantastic job. I always get comments from other people who haven’t seen my son in a long time who comment on how much clearer and how much more he is communicating "

Mum of a 4 year old with speech difficulties (apraxia of speech)

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